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Custom Fields (Macros) for Users and Teams
Custom Fields (Macros) for Users and Teams

Custom Fields can be created at the Advisor level or the Company Level

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User Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be created in order to display certain information in various areas of an engagement, operating like a Macro. For example, using a Custom Field to fill an advisor's rep code in on an agreement.

There is a maximum of ten custom user fields and ten custom team fields.

Custom Fields can be created at the user-level by navigating to Settings > Users and clicking on the user in question.

Please note: If you are the Administrator of your subscription, you will start the Custom User Field process in Settings > Profile and your Custom Field button will be in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

When adding a Custom Field, the 'Name' will be what appears in your Macros dropdown when adding one to your forms

The 'Value' will be what appears on the engagement when created.

Now when I am adding a Macro to my text box, I can select my 'RepCode' field and it will pre-fill with its value. I could also copy/paste the [%advisor.repcode%] to use in Titles, Emails, Descriptions, etc. on my Form Engagements.

If we had created the Custom Field at the Team level instead, we would find our macro under 'Company Macros'.

Company Custom Fields

Company Custom Fields will function just like a User Custom Field with the main difference being that, when created, Company Custom Fields are available for all users on that team.

Calendar App Element (Calendly and GReminders)

A Calendly or GReminders link can be created as a custom field and used in the Calendar App Element. If the custom field URL is not available or is invalid, the Calendar App field will be hidden in Form Engagements.

Please Note: Macros will not function in Preview Mode. You will want to create a test engagement to see how these behave.

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