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Adding GReminders to a Template

Embed your GReminders scheduling page or a specific meeting type within your Form Templates

Updated this week

Go to and navigate to either 'Share My Link' or 'Event Types' to copy a link to your scheduling page or a specific meeting, respectively:

Navigate to Form Templates > My Templates and click on the template in question, click 'Customize' then add a new, empty cell where you would like to embed the scheduling link.

If you do not have an empty cell, create one on the template. For more information on editing a Form Template, click here.

Choose 'Calendar App' from Graphical elements:

Be sure 'GReminers' is selected in the dropdown, then paste in the text from GReminders and click 'Create'.

GReminders is now embedded on your Form Template. Please note this will only be interactive within Preview Mode or in an engagement.

Custom Fields

A GReminders link can be created as a Custom Field (Macro) and used as the URL for your Calendar App Element. If the custom field URL is not available or is invalid, the Calendar App field will be hidden in Form Engagements.


GReminders will pre-fill the First and Last Name, as well as Email in the scheduling window of the Calendar App if the contact is directly engaged.

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