In some cases, you may want to show/hide a specific template page, group or element based on the information added to another element of the template. For these cases, PreciseFP introduces the concept of conditional visibility. In the page/group/element details, you are able to enable the conditional visibility for that page/group/element and select the element, condition and value that will be used to perform the operation. There are five different conditions available:
Equal ==
Different or Not Equal !=
Bigger than >=
Smaller than <=

Using Dropdown and Option Elements in conditional visibility

Dropdown and Option elements might have a different value then what is shown to you. When selecting a dropdown or option element for the condition, a small blue "i" icon will appear above the value input. If you place your mouse pointer on it, a list of possible label/value pairs will be shown. Make sure you use the value of the desired option for the condition.

Note: The editor is a powerful, advanced tool.  It will take some technical knowledge (and definitely patience) to understand it.  If you need help along the way, we are happy to point you to Knowledge Base articles and to provide quick responses.  We also can make ourselves available for web training/help via our consulting services offering (chat with us to find out more). 

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