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How to add, edit, duplicate or remove pages from a template

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Your form templates are divided into pages that can be customized within the editor.

Each page can have several template elements organized by groups. High security templates will contain two special pages, a welcome page and a thank you page, that cannot contain input elements nor can they be deleted. Low security templates will contain only the thank you page, however, you can customize the first page of the template as a welcome page if you so choose.

To add a new page, click the “new page” button located in the page sidebar. 

The default will be to add in a brand new (blank) page

If you wish to bring in an existing page from the Dataset or another template click on the Import From tab and make your selection.

To update a page, click the “page details” button located on the top right corner of the main content area. 

To remove a page, click the “remove” button located on the top right corner of the main content area.  

To duplicate a page, click the “copy page” button located on the top right corner of the main content area.

Co-client area or button

If you wish for a page to collect/show information for both the client and co-client, enable the “co-client area or button”. When this option is enabled, the entire page is shown twice for engaged accounts that contain a client and a co-client. Accounts that only contain a client, will see an “add co-client” button when navigating to this page.

Common examples of pages that require a co-client area are “Personal details”, “Employment information”, and any other page that collects information relative to an individual, as opposed to pages that collect information relative to the household.

PreciseFP allows you to add a message that will pop up the first time the client or prospect navigates to a page. Use these messages to instruct your clients and prospects on the information you’re collecting on that page.

Note: There is a limit of 40 pages per template.

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