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Conditional Visibility in Form Templates
Conditional Visibility in Form Templates

On Form Templates Only

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In some cases, you may want to show/hide a specific template page, group or element based on the information added to another element of the template. For these cases, PreciseFP introduces the concept of conditional visibility. In the page/group/element details, you are able to enable the conditional visibility for that page/group/element and select the element, condition, and value that will be used to perform the operation.

Using Dropdown and Option Elements in conditional visibility

Dropdown and Option elements might have a different value then what is shown to you. When selecting a dropdown or option element for the condition, a small blue "i" icon will appear above the value input. If you place your mouse pointer on it, a list of possible label/value pairs will be shown.

Please Note: The label is what the client sees when filling in the field; the value is what Conditional Visibility relies on.

As an example, you can see that I have a radio button asking the client if they have children. This is a Multiple Option type of element. I have given them the option to select either Yes or No.

I created a new group that I want to be conditional and appear only when they select 'Yes' from that question above. You'll want to go to the details of the group/page/element that you want to be conditional.

In the 'visible when' drop down I selected the 'Do You Have Children?' element. In the middle field I have == and now I need to put the value of the Yes option. Clicking on the show allowed values link will show me the value of the Yes answer which is 1. This is what I will have to put in the value field.

Note: The values are editable. It doesn't have to be numbers, the value can be the same as the label but keep in mind that it is case sensitive. When you have multiple options/drop downs we would recommend assigning numerical values to each. Each value must be something different.

If I now preview this template and visit my Family Members page, this is what it looks like.

When I click on the Yes answer to this question, my group that I set to be conditional based on this answer now appears.


Conditional visibility works with document / image upload fields as well.

The "value" of these fields will be the number of files uploaded.

So if you wish for an element to be visible when a document gets uploaded, the best option is "field >= 1". On the other hand, if you wish for an element to be visible when the document upload is empty, then "field == 0" will do the trick.

Note: The editor is a powerful, advanced tool. It will take some technical knowledge (and definitely patience) to understand it. If you need help along the way, we are happy to point you to Knowledge Base articles and to provide quick responses. We also can make ourselves available for web training/help via our consulting services offering (chat with us to find out more). 

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