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PreciseFP Digital Transformation Steps
[Step 1] - Building Your Client Engagement and Data Gathering Process
[Step 1] - Building Your Client Engagement and Data Gathering Process

Implementing actions related to lead generation to enhance the customer experience, bolster company engagement, and automate processes.

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Successful financial advisors with XY Planning Network, First Citizens Bank, Securities America,  Founders Financial, The Garrett Planning Network, and others use automated Digital engagement and onboarding channels for their clients. An advisory firm needs to engage and bring in a constant flow of new high quality prospects. They use PreciseFP lead magnets or create their own content within PreciseFP. They then promote that content on their website or via Social Media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

It's called leveraging a (customizable) engagement and call-to-action and it's FREE for any advisor with an active PreciseFP subscription.

With a couple clicks, you can create a button, banner or floating bar to generate leads directly from your website or landing pages. 

PreciseFP Lead Magnets allow your firm to build brand awareness and leverage your current brand assets to build trust and turn existing customers into brand advocates.

PreciseFP Lead Magnets will help you to drive specific actions, such as:

  • Acquire new customers that will land right into your PreciseFP account by web publishing your form template

  • PreciseFP will set the appointment in your calendar automatically with widgets like Calendly

  • PreciseFP will send specific forms to gather additional information you require automatically using our automatic workflow piece called Pipelines

  • Up-sell current clients with other services such as Tax Planning or College Planning

Lead Generation Content available for FREE in the form template library:

  • 5 Steps to Early Retirement
    Creating the next awesome, must-have social media app and then selling it to Apple or Google is one way to an early retirement. Not a programmer? Not to worry. We have five common-sense steps to get you on the road to retiring while still young. 

  • 5 Biggest Investor Mistakes
    Every investor wants to avoid making mistakes. This lead magnet describes five areas that visitors to your website or followers on social media can learn about and use the information to improve their own situation. 

  • FREE Investment Portfolio Review

    Offer your prospects a free portfolio review. This template asks the prospect to provide you with Investment & Income details including a place for them to upload statements.

  • And more ...

Learn more about using PreicseFP as a lead generation tool here:

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