It isn’t enough to capture a snapshot of your client’s financial profile once and then forget about it. A client’s financial profile changes from year to year and it’s the advisor’s job to make sure that he knows what that profile looks like, in as close to real-time as possible.

PreciseFP makes it easy to keep client profiles current. Your client receives a pre-filled profile template that, because it’s pre-filled, reduces the amount of data entry your client is required to do. Any changes to the profile can be easily made on the device of choice, and when it is convenient for your client. We’ve perfected data-gathering down to a science and we know how to make the process easy for the client, thereby eliminating resistance to yearly updates.  We even send the client automated reminders if he doesn’t finish the job within a specified amount of time.

Once the client submits his data, the advisor gets an alert. PreciseFP even goes one step further, showing the advisor what has changed in the client’s profile by highlighting the fields so that the advisor doesn’t have to go searching for the changes. It doesn’t get any easier that!

If you have further questions on the process or on any PreciseFP feature feel free to reach out to us via In-App message for immediate response.


  • Fully integrated risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with built-in eSignature.

  • Template Library with multitude of digital documents commonly used by advisors.

  • State-of-the-art data encryption and intrusion detection for highest level of data security.

  • Mobile app that advisors and clients can access on any device, anywhere, at any time. 

  • Integrations with leading financial planning, CRM and multiple other software products.

PreciseFP provides an audit trail for all updates to client information in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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