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PreciseFP Digital Transformation Steps
[Step 4] - Digital Interactions - Yearly Review
[Step 4] - Digital Interactions - Yearly Review

Effortless annual review and automated data gathering.

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Simply capturing your client's financial profile once is insufficient; it must be continually updated. A client's financial situation evolves annually, and it's the advisor's responsibility to maintain real-time awareness of these changes.

PreciseFP streamlines the process of keeping client profiles current. Clients receive pre-filled profile templates that reduce data entry efforts. Any profile modifications can be conveniently made on their preferred device at their leisure. Our data-gathering methodology is highly efficient, ensuring clients face minimal resistance to annual updates. We also send automated reminders to clients who haven't completed the process within a specified time frame.

Once a client submits their data, the advisor receives an alert. PreciseFP goes a step further by highlighting any changes in the client's profile, eliminating the need for the advisor to search for modifications. It couldn't be simpler!

Should you have further inquiries about the process or any PreciseFP features, please don't hesitate to contact us via our live chat for an immediate response.


  • Fully integrated risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with built-in eSignature.

  • A Template Library containing a wide variety of digital documents frequently utilized by financial advisors.

  • Cutting-edge data encryption and intrusion detection to ensure the utmost level of data security.

  • Seamless integrations with top financial planning, CRM, and various other software solutions.

  • PreciseFP offers an audit trail for all client information updates in compliance with regulatory standards.

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