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Creating a Sum and Having It Display on a Badge Element

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A great example of this pairing would be the Risk Tolerance where the sum of all of the questions is created in a calculated field and this number is then pulled into the Badge element so that the number is then displayed.  In our Risk Tolerance questionnaire we have the calculated field hidden so as not to display it to the client but to rather do the calculations.

To create a sum field you'll need to create a calculated field and pull in all of the fields that you wish to calculate and create a sum for.  You can choose to keep this field hidden if you want but if the goal is to pull in the number from this calculated field we suggest making it hidden.

Next, you'll want to create your badge element.

Choose your calculated field from the dropdown

After you've also given the field a label, style, etc., click on the Create button.

*Note: The editor is a powerful, advanced tool.  It will take some technical knowledge (and definitely patience) to understand it.  If you need help along the way, we are happy to point you to Knowledge Base articles and to provide quick responses.  We also can make ourselves available for web training/help via our consulting services offering (chat with us to find out more). 

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