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How to pre-fill Social Security Numbers in custodial templates
How to pre-fill Social Security Numbers in custodial templates

How to create a custom SSN field that will pre-fill automatically for account holder(s), beneficiaries, and trusted contacts.

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PreciseFP uses Encrypted elements to store Social Security Numbers by default. This means that SSNs require an advisor's password to be decrypted and viewed.

As an extra layer of security, decrypted SSN's are never exported to integration partners or pre-filled automatically in any engagement.

In order to have Social Security Numbers automatically pre-fill in custodial templates, you must create a standard text element in your dataset and use it to store SSNs, bypassing the default Encrypted Elements.

Navigate to your Dataset, locate the standard SSN element and click the "Add Column to the right" Button.

Click the "Add new element" button in the new empty cell.

Select "Text Field".

Name the new element "SSN", choose the character limit (we recommend 9 or 11 to, depending on whether or not you allow dashes), and also put SSN in the Field Name area:

Once you're done, you can edit the original SSN field and set the visibility to "Hidden" so that it won't show in your client's profile. It's also helpful to rename the original SSN field so you can easily discern between the two when importing the field into templates.

If you wish, you can move the original hidden field to a new cell below so that you have more space for the new SSN field.

You can repeat the process for the SSN located in "Family Members / Children" and "Family Members / Other Family Members".

You will now need to visit each PDF Template that you want to have this new SSN field that you have created, filled out with data. Open the PDF by clicking on it from My Templates under PDF templates and click on the Map button. Navigate to the page within the PDF that has the SSN on it. Click on the element and click it.

In the connection drop down field enter in SSN and select the SSN field.

Then click on 'Save Changes'

Note: You will need to do this for any other SSN fields for persons within the PDF as well as for any other PDFss that you want to have the SSN filled out. If you also want to have the client enter in their SSN on a form template so that you have this stored in their profile, you'll want to make sure you have this newly created SSN element connected to a matching text element within your form template.

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