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User vs. Team

The differences between users and teams

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Someone who logs in to PreciseFP and uses the application.  A user can be an advisor, assistant, paraplanner, compliance officer, office adminstrator, etc.   Every person who logs in to PreciseFP must have their own user credentials.  This is for auditing and compliance purposes.  There is no limit to the number of users you can have on your monthly subscription but there must be a license purchased for every financial professional on your firm's ADV as per our terms and conditions.  If you have 5 financial professionals on your ADV then you would need to purchase 5 user licenses, the licenses can then be used however you wish such as for support staff, compliance officer, paraplanner, etc.  Sharing user login credentials goes against our terms and conditions.

Click here for more information on users.


This is where your clients and prospects will reside.  There is automatically a team included in the base subscription price. You can have as many teams as needed, assign as many clients to your teams as well as assign users within your teams.  An example of when another team may be needed is if you have multiple advisors within your firm and each advisor has their own clients/prospects and chooses to use PreciseFP but wants to keep his/her clients/prospects separate from everyone else, another team would be created for this user so that when he/she logs in they are only seeing their clients/prospects.  You can also share templates with all or specific teams.

Click here for more information on teams.

Please see our pricing page for the cost of additional users and teams.

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