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'This email has already been taken' Error Message
'This email has already been taken' Error Message

This article will explain the meaning of this error message, as well as the options you have to proceed when you receive it

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When you are adding client/prospect accounts in PreciseFP, there is a chance you may receive the following error:

(Image shows a message in red explaining that 'The email has already been taken.')

This is caused by the client/prospect already having an account record under your subscription.

We recommend checking for an existing record in Accounts > Archived, but if they are not here, their email address may be in use under another team within your subscription.

Some email domains, like Gmail, allow a workaround to this issue:

If the email address is, you can enter it as (any word in between the + and the @ will work) The system will treat as a separate email address, but all communications will still go to

If this is not an option, the client may opt to use another email address or you can add the client with a placeholder email address. Then, once the record is created, you can update the email address within the Account Profile and you should not receive the 'duplicate' error at this point.

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