How to enable the integration

To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP) click on your profile picture in the lower left hand corner, then select Integrations and click on the DocuSign integration box. 

Click “Enable this integration” in the integration details panel and login into your DocuSign account. 

You will be asked to grant permission to PreciseFP to create and send envelopes and obtain links on your behalf. Once that is done, the integration will be enabled.

How to add DocuSign to your templates

To send out engagements that collect DocuSign signatures you need to add a mapped PDF to your template first. Please click here to learn how to map a Fillable PDF to your template.

Open the PDF mapper, navigate to the page where you wish to add the DocuSign elements and click the DocuSign Signatures button.

You will be able to add 4 different element types: Signature, Initials, Signer’s name, and Date of signature.

You will be able to select one of 3 different signers: Engaged contact, Co-client, and Custom. You will be prompted to input the name and email address for each Custom Signer you add to the mapped PDF.

Note: You should not mix PreciseFP e-signatures with DocuSign signatures in the same template. If the template includes PreciseFP e-signature elements, DocuSign will be disabled for the template.

How to engage clients with DocuSign enabled templates

Engaging clients with DocuSign enabled works the same way as any other engagement. If your DocuSign enabled template captures signatures for custom signers, you will be prompted to input their name(s) and email address(es).

Once the engagement is completed by your client, the DocuSign envelope is created and sent out to all signers. The process will then be handled in DocuSign only.

If there’s an error creating the envelope in DocuSign, we will notify you and, once you re-enable the integration, you can retry the envelope creation via the Engagement Details panel.

NOTE: For TDA advisors, the integration has been updated to now request SMS authentication from your client when they go through DocuSign vs KB authentication.

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