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USPS Address Validation
USPS Address Validation

Enable a setting to verify client and prospect addresses against USPS's database

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You are able to set Address Fields to validate entered addresses against USPS's database.

This is a setting that is enabled individually in each Address Field, as it is disabled by default. Please note, if your Address Field is connected to the dataset, you will want to edit this setting within the dataset and then import the field back into your template.

If you do not have access to the dataset, this is something the administrator of your subscription has access to.

When an address is entered, the system will notify you in the Account Profile or on the template if it does not appear valid to the USPS.

Please note: With this feature enabled, an address that fails USPS validation will not integrate when exported/imported to/from an integration partner

Keywords: USPS, Address Validation, Address Verification

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