*Note: All connected fields in a high security template are pre-filled automatically*

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to pre-fill an engagement for a client prior to sending it out to them and will also show you how to re-engage with the template that you pre-filled out.  

Choose your client/prospect then click on the Engagements button.

Choose Create and Edit and choose if you're engaging the client or co-client and then click on Continue

Choose your template (use the search bar to enter in the exact name of your template)


This will open up the engagement for you where you can then enter in as much data as you want to.  As you are going through and entering data the engagement will auto save for you.

When you're done inputting on the engagement and ready to send it out to the client, click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close out of the preview of the engagement.  Remember, your input on the engagement was auto saved and will show up when sent to the client.  You'll then be on the Engagement Details panel.  If you want to send the engagement by email out of PreciseFP click on the Send button.  If you prefer to send the engagement out of your own email copy the link and from there you can paste/send out of your own email.


Tip: Also, data imported from an integration partner will store in the client/profile making it so that when you engage the client with an integration specific fact finder, it will automatically prefill with data that was imported. 

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