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Calculated Elements

Creating a calculation between two or more fields, or create Boolean calculations

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While in the editor of your template you'll want to first add a Calculated Field

Calculated fields can also be created within the dataset.

Calculations Overview

Next, choose the type of calculation you want to do.

With the first field in blue I will select the element from my template in the drop down that I want to add to the equation.

Now to enter in the second field to the equation you'll want to click in the empty cell to the right then choose to either search (magnifying glass) for a new field to pull into the equation or to enter in a custom value by clicking on the >_ icon (for example, maybe I want to take the Average Balance field and + 12 I could choose the custom field and then enter 12 in the empty cell to the right of my Average Balance field)

(Example of a custom value entered, clicking on the >_ icon)

(Example of selecting another element, clicking the magnifying glass)

You are not limited to only have two fields in a calculation.  After you've created your initial two you can then click on any of the calculation icons to continue adding to your equation. Note that adding a very large (20 or so) number of component elements to a calculated element can cause browser errors.

You can also remove fields from the calculation by clicking on it then clicking on the trash icon.

Once you are done editing all of the fields (title, description, calculations, etc.) click on the create button.

Boolean Calculations

If you would like an element/group/page to be conditionally visible based on more than one selection, you can establish a Boolean calculation.

In the below example, we will build a flow for validating the correct ingredients were selected:

In each element, there are two 'correct' answers that I'd like to validate for: The two peanut butters AND the two jellies. An OR operation is also possible.

For this example, I have set each option to have a numerical value:

Values are customized in the Advanced editor.

I'm going to add a Calculated Element to the page to validate for either type of Peanut Butter. I will select the 'Yes or No' for my 'Type' and this will default to 1 or 0, but 'Yes or No' and 'True or False' are options, as well:

I want '1' as the response in this calculation if the value selected is greater than or equal to three because my target/correct values are Peanut Butter (Crunchy), which has a value of three and Peanut Butter (Smooth), which has a value of four.

Filling One 1 or 0 calculation:

Filling Two will need to be less than or equal to 2, as Jelly (Grape) has a value of one and Jelly (Strawberry) has a value of two.

Filling Two 1 or 0 calculation:

We are using custom values for this Boolean calculation, but this could also be another input field on the template entirely.

Now I'll create my 'Final Calculation', which will add the values selected from Filling One and Filling Two together. In this case, I will be setting my conditionally visible item to only appear if this calculation = 2 (a 1 response from each Filling 1 or 0 calculation)

Finally, set your conditional visibility. In this example, I am setting a single group to appear:

I can now use Preview mode to check my work. I'll make 'correct' selections and check that the calculations are working as expected:

If correct, my group will appear:

Any incorrect selections should make this group disappear/not appear at all, however.

Notes on Calculations

Placement is important!

  • If you would like your Calculated Field to pull data from specifically either the client or co-client's information, it need to be placed on a separate page that is not co-client enabled.

  • If you want your Calculated Field to total up entries from an 'Add More' enabled group, you need your Calculated Field to be in an 'Add More' disabled group.

  • Calculated Elements are a powerful, but advanced tool, so it is entirely sensible to need assistance. We are happy to point you to articles and videos to assist, chat it out with you in our live chat, or check with us in chat to schedule a session.

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