Once logged-in to PreciseFP, the advisor creates an account for the prospect by entering them in PreciseFP or by importing his details that were already set-up in CRM or another application. With an API integration, aspects of the prospect’s data (e.g. demographics) automatically pre-fills the Comprehensive Financial Profile, alleviating the need for time-consuming and human error prone manual entry by the prospect.   

The advisor sends the PreciseFP Comprehensive Financial Profile to the prospect via email through a secure link. He receives the partially completed profile and then begins to create his profile by entering the following essential data: 

  • Demographics,
  • Financial situation and needs,
  • Risk tolerance,
  • Tax status,
  • Investment objectives,
  • Investment assets,
  • Insurance,
  • And more...

The prospect will be pleased with the user experience because he didn’t have re-enter the same data twice (or even more). As a person that is always on-the-go with work and kids, he also loves the fact that he can enter his information on any device, anywhere at any time. He also doesn’t have to worry about gaining access to a printer or fax machine to get the paperwork back to the advisor - something he has always dreaded.   

You will be happy because the prospect did all the work. There was no manual entry on your part or that of your firm’s admin staff. At the same time, you have peace-of-mind knowing that the data collected from the Comprehensive Financial Profile helps your firm comply with their Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulatory obligations. Having this digital capacity also brings consistency to your data collection process. And by using PreciseFP’s scientifically-validated Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ), you are able to confidently deliver suitable advice using a legally defensible assessment tool.  In addition, with a single click your are able to share the data from the client’s Comprehensive Financial Profile with eMoney, MoneyGuidePro or  through an existing integration

After reviewing the prospect’s financial situation, you should be satisfied that he is qualified to become your client. At that point you want to digitally on-board the client in order to keep the user experience consistent.  In PreciseFP,  you would go to My Templates and choose Service Agreement or Investment Policy Statement - which is already available in digital format. With a single click, you send the application form to the prospect via email and secure link. Once completed, you can even get him to sign-off on it electronically with PreciseFP’s built-in eSignature feature. 

Three days go by and the you still have not received the Service Agreement or Investment Policy Statement form? No need to worry, your new client will receive an automated reminder email that you can enable through PreciseFP. With a helpful “nudge”, the account opening application form is completed by the client and data is collected by PreciseFP (along with any additional custodial forms). 

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