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PreciseFP Digital Transformation Steps
[Step 2] - Digital Client Onboarding
[Step 2] - Digital Client Onboarding

Simultaneously automating KYC and NIGO processes to provide your clients with a seamless user experience.

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After logging into PreciseFP, the advisor can establish a prospect's account in one of two ways: by manually inputting their information directly into PreciseFP or by importing the data from a pre-existing setup in a CRM or another application. Through API integration, certain elements of the prospect's data, such as demographics, seamlessly populate the Comprehensive Financial Profile, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry by the prospect.   

The advisor engages the prosepct with the PreciseFP Financial Fact Finder via email through a secure link. The client receives the partially completed Fact Finder and then begins to create their profile by entering the following essential data in their form: 

  • Demographics,

  • Financial situation and needs,

  • Risk tolerance,

  • Tax status,

  • Investment objectives,

  • Investment assets,

  • Insurance,

  • And more...

The prospect will find the user experience highly satisfying because they no longer need to duplicate their data entry multiple times. Being someone constantly on the move, juggling work and family responsibilities, they appreciate the flexibility of entering their information on any device, at any location, and at any time. Additionally, they are relieved of the burden of accessing a printer or fax machine to return paperwork to the advisor, a task they have always dreaded.


You'll be delighted because the prospect has done all the heavy lifting. There's no need for manual data entry on your part or that of your firm's administrative staff. Simultaneously, you can rest assured that the information gathered from the Financial Fact Finder aids your firm in meeting its Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulatory obligations. This digital capability also brings consistency to your data collection process. Moreover, utilizing PreciseFP's scientifically-validated Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ), you can confidently provide appropriate advice using a legally defensible assessment tool.

Furthermore, with just a single click, you can effortlessly share the client's Comprehensive Financial Profile data with eMoney, MoneyGuidePro, or any existing integrations in place.

Upon thoroughly assessing the prospect's financial status, you should feel confident in their qualification to become your client. At this stage, your goal is to seamlessly onboard the client digitally to maintain a consistent user experience. Within PreciseFP's template library, you can now install the Client Service Agreement or Investment Policy Statement, both of which are readily available in digital format. With just a single click, you can transmit the application form to the prospect through email with a secure link. Once completed, you even have the option to facilitate their electronic signature using PreciseFP's built-in eSignature feature

If three days have passed, and you have not yet received the Client Service Agreement or Investment Policy Statement form, there's no need to fret. Your new client will automatically receive a reminder email, a feature you can activate within PreciseFP. This gentle "nudge" prompts the client to complete the account opening application form, allowing PreciseFP to collect the necessary data, including any additional custodial forms.

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