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LPL Applicable Integrations

LPL-approved integrations that seamlessly integrate with PreciseFP, empowering you to streamline your workflows and maximize efficiency.

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PreciseFP and Wealthbox integration is bidirectional syncing of contacts between the two platforms, eliminating the tedious manual data entry for new contacts. Say hello to increased efficiency and more time for what matters most - your clients.

To further enhance your experience, we've created a tailored household information template optimized for Wealthbox. This template seamlessly gathers contact and household data, making the import/export process even smoother. And guess what? You have the freedom to use it as is or customize it according to your unique needs.

PreciseFP seamlessly integrates with Redtail Technology CRM, allowing for efficient data synchronization between the two platforms. Below, you'll find a demonstrative video showcasing the integration in action, along with a comprehensive mapping table that visually illustrates the fields exchanged between Redtail and PreciseFP. Additionally, there is a dedicated fact finder available with Redtail, which can be accessed here. With PreciseFP, you can effortlessly collect prospect and client data, pushing it into Redtail to create new prospect records or update existing client records. Furthermore, the synchronized information can seamlessly flow from Redtail to Clientworks, ensuring smooth data transfer across your systems.

PreciseFP seamlessly integrates with eMoney, providing a robust solution for data synchronization between the two platforms. Below, you'll find a demonstrative video showcasing the integration, along with a comprehensive mapping table that visually outlines the fields exchanged between PreciseFP and eMoney. Additionally, there is a dedicated fact finder available with eMoney, which can be accessed here. With PreciseFP, you can gather significantly more comprehensive information from prospects and clients compared to using the inherent onboarding tool within eMoney. This integration empowers you to enhance your client onboarding process, ensuring you have access to all the necessary data for a thorough and tailored financial planning experience.

Note: For WealthVision users, your Partner Name will be 'lpl' rather than the default of 'ema' Before you get started with the WealthVision integration, ensure that you have your WealthVision direct login (not your single sign-on from ClientWorks) username and password. Test your credentials by attempting to login directly from WealthVision using your credentials and ensure you are able to do so successfully ( You can ask eMoney support for assistance in getting your username and password. You do, however, have the ability to self-serve in finding your login information.

Go to Settings > Select Change Password. Make note of your username displayed here. Create a new WealthVision password that can be used for logging into WealthVision directly (not from ClientWorks). Click on Save. Once you have saved your new password, test your newly created WealthVision credentials before attempting to enable the integration with PreciseFP (

We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between PreciseFP and RightCapital, bringing you a powerful data integration that promises to enhance your client engagement and streamline your financial planning process. This integration leverages the strengths of PreciseFP's client data gathering platform and RightCapital's cutting-edge financial planning software, offering you a seamless and efficient solution for better client interactions and comprehensive financial planning.

The integration between Salesforce and PreciseFP provides a seamless prospect process, optimizing data accuracy and streamlining engagement. With PreciseFP, you can initiate the prospecting process, allowing individuals to enter their information directly and correctly into the platform. This information can then be seamlessly sent into Salesforce, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

For existing contacts in Salesforce, we recommend importing them into a PreciseFP form before engaging with them. By doing so, any existing data you have for them will be pre-filled, saving time and reducing the need for redundant data entry. This approach allows prospects and clients to focus on reviewing and updating any incorrect or missing information, rather than starting from scratch with basic details like their first and last name

PreciseFP seamlessly integrates with Calendly, offering a powerful solution for office efficiency. Many offices have discovered tremendous success by embedding their calendars directly into PreciseFP engagements. This integration enables clients and prospects to effortlessly book meetings with you, leveraging the convenience of PreciseFP's contact information gathering capabilities. By streamlining the data-gathering process, you can allocate more time during meetings to dive straight into the heart of the conversation. This efficient approach allows you to focus on the essential aspects of your discussions, maximizing productivity and providing a seamless experience for your clients and prospects.

Zapier lets you connect PreciseFP with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

We are excited to announce that PreciseFP seamlessly integrates with MoneyGuidePro, offering a streamlined process for exporting client and prospect data. With just one click, you can export essential information, including contact details, household information, assets, liabilities, retirement plans, and insurance data, directly into your MoneyGuidePro account.

To further enhance your experience, we have developed a customized fact finder template optimized for MoneyGuidePro. This template is designed specifically to gather data that can be seamlessly exported into MoneyGuidePro. You can choose to use the template as it is or customize it according to your specific needs, tailoring it to your unique client requirements.

Stay Tuned for More Integrations to Come!

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